GYRO 2.0


“Definitely download it. It’s fun, simple to play, highly addictive and free! If you like your games casual, well designed and addictive, this is absolutely the game for you.” – ★★★★★”They must be drinking some special vodka because they’ve given the world a stonking good bit of enjoyment! Bizarrely addictive!” – ★★★★

“It shines for its simplicity which adds to the beauty of this game, not only is it very addictive and fun, but it also looks great. It’s one of those games that you don’t want to uninstall because you keep coming back to it, even if it is for a quick round.” – ★★★★1/2

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*** GYRO 2.0 is up! It features 2 new game modes (Hardcore and Challenges), as well as new power-ups and viruses, language options and numerous improvements. Check it out ! ***

GYRO, the massive smash hit that’s had thousands of Android gamers glued to their screens just got better! It now comes packed with extra game modes and features including Time Attack mode, player ranks and extra unlockable wheel colour sets.

GYRO is a wonderfully simple yet fiendishly addictive arcade puzzle game like none you’ve ever seen before; a game of pure old school arcade beauty that serves up that ‘just one more go’ factor in spades.

Use one finger to rotate the multi-coloured wheel 360 degrees whilst making sure that the coloured balls flying onto the screen land in the matching part of the wheel. Sounds easy? Throw in more balls and increasingly faster speed over time and GYRO becomes a fast-paced game of skill and nerves, urging you to collect power-ups, rack up massive scores and last as long as you can whilst your skills are tested to the absolute max!

Key Features:
● Beautifully simple controls and design
● Incredibly addictive arcade gameplay
● Gazillions of points to collect
● Arcade, Time Attack, Hardcore and Challenges game modes
● Unlockable color sets and 8-bit sound set
● Swarm-supported online leaderboards (optional)

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Permission ‘READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY’ – Quote from Swarm website: Allows Swarm to prevent fraud and create a secure environment (no personally identifiable information is used). Is announced to be removed in the next version of Swarm.

App Screenshots

Download via Google Play:
download button GYRO 2.0 on Google Play
Download via Tubelapan:
download button Download GYRO 2.0

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