Tactical Assassin 1.0.1 Download Apk

Tactical AssassinDescription

•From the hit web-game series comes the brand new Sniping App from Simon Hason.An Assassin’s world – in your pocket.
17+ Not suitable for Children!MINIMUM requirements :
Android 2.2+, Adobe AIR compatibility
•Become a highly skilled Assassin that must use true killer instincts to
complete each mission. The only way to achieve your objective is to think Tactically and imagine yourself behind the weapon.✓Realistic Firearms & Game play
✓Various Mission types & locations
✓Intense animations
✓Takes a steady hand to hit your targets
✓Beautiful Graphics & Scenery
✓Immerse yourself with life-like Audio
✓18 Diverse & Challenging missions
✓Practice ranges to tone your skills
✓Kill time in the “Challenge” mini-games
✓Track your stats locally to your device
Join the Fans!

App Screenshots

Tactical Assassin



Download via Google Play:
download button Tactical Assassin 1.0.1 on Google Play
Download via Tubelapan:
download button Copy Link Download : http://adf.ly/Kl1rE

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