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Crazy FormulaDescription

More than 1.000.000 Downloads!!Ever thought of becoming a famous scientist? We have got the perfect formula for you to start with!
The science here is for you to crack a way to make the formula (fluid) pass through all the lab tubes, till it gets to its final destination, the formulas recipient. For that, you must align all lab
tubes in the correct position (so the fluid can flow to the right side of the screen), and you can also mix two or more formulas (fluid), and transform its color or effect (delay etc.).

This truly addicting puzzle/board game will train your scientist mind, and leave you intrigued.

Can you puzzle this out?

– 135 progressive and challenging levels;
– 15 “formula books ” (levels);
– Tutorials in the key levels;
– Intuitive game play: drag tubes, mixing colors, delay flow, change colors;
– Game Center with achievements;
– Original graphics and sounds;

App Screenshots

Crazy Formula


Download via Google Play:
download button Crazy Formula 1.3 on Google Play
Download via Tubelapan:
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