Roby Tumbler 1.0 Download Apk

Roby TumblerDescription

Dr. Bubblegum is on the loose! Only Roby with his gravity tumbling capabilities can save the city from the doctor’s sticky gum!Don the cape of Roby Tumbler, the newest superhero in town! Roby must fly and tumble through the various unique floors of Dr. Bubblegum’s skyscraper to save all captives from their sticky fate and finally take down Dr. Bubblegum once and for all! With a simple tilt of the level
the gravity will change, altering the whole layout of things in the level. Use this mechanic to navigate through domestic and exotic locations throughut the adventure!

– Challenging physics- and gravity-based gameplay!
– Logic puzzles combined with skillful platforming!
– 100+ levels!
– Replay levels to beat the par number of jumps!
– Tilt the levels to make stuff tumble over!
– Beat Dr. Bubblegum in cool boss battles!

App Screenshots

Roby Tumbler



Download via Google Play:
download button Roby Tumbler 1.0 on Google Play
Download via Tubelapan:
download button Copy Link Download :

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