Creative Locker

Creative LockerDescription

Monotone refused, Creative Locker make your phone be full of Creative、Beauty、Surprise, Wonderful and Interesting.★★★★★ Product features
1.Realistic ,dynamic of weather
2.Individuation, Creative of themes
3.A variety of unlocking scheme, in your most comfortable way to unlock
4.Rapid activation of Camera, Flashlight ,Music Player ,3G/WiFi and other convenient functions
5.Safety lock, protect your privacy
6.Simple, easy to use, safe, stable
7.A perfect adaptation to the various resolution, high-definition screen supported★★★★★ The functions in development
1.Dynamic wallpaper
2 Custom shortcut
3.Share surprises (catch butterflies)
4.More personalized components
5.More unlocking modes and themes★★★★★ PS
Q:How to Find more Themes?
A:Click the button at Creative locker > Themes>Popular or More
Q:How to Apply Themes?
A:Download the apk of Theme, Run interface by clicking on “Apply” button.In order to find more themes,You can search “Creative Locker theme” on Google Play Shop.Please pay attention to Creative Locker’s Google+( ), in order to obtain more free themes or post your suggests.
Welcome to join the user experience improvement program. If you have any thoughts or questions, please email us. Thank you.E-mail: hiveforandroid@gmail.comSimilar products: GO Locker、WidgetLocker鎖屏助手、iPhone iOS5 Go Locker HD、Screen Off and Lock (Donate)、Metro Ui Go Locker WP HD、iPhone iOS5 Pink Go Locker、Photo Locker Pro、HD Widgets、Tasker、V1 Golf Premium Unlocker、Holo Locker Plus、Unlocker RVP:Baseball&Softbal.

App Screenshots

Creative Locker



download at Play  Copy Link DOwnload :

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