Bola Kampung: RoboKicks 1.1 Download Apk

Bola KampungDescription

Love Robot? Love Football? Well, let’s get into Bola Kampung fever!Bola Kampung is a game adaptation of Bola Kampung: The Movie, where players take the role as main characters, Iwan, Azizul and Sabok in attempt to save the world with powers that allows them to transform into robot with special ability. Their mission is to defeat the evil villain, Lord Vilus in order to save Princess Amanda and her kingdom!
All you need is to Aim and Shoot! Touch and move the control knob to aim, then release to shoot the enemies. Avoid enemies from getting close to you!Special Features:
– Characters from Bola Kampung: The Movie
– 2D gameplay with 3D stunning graphics
– Human transforming to giant robots
– Action-packed scripted level
– Specialized behavior with each enemy typeWhat are you waiting for? Let’s start kicking the Robots!

App Screenshots

Bola Kampung: RoboKicks



download at Play Copy Link Download :

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